Pest Control Service

Know the Types of Pest Control Service You Need

There are various unique techniques on the market for different types of pest control services. Learn the right pest control service for controlling their level of birth and nesting and have very effective techniques as well as products to exterminate pests and their nests in buildings that cause problems to humans.

Extermination of pest

Always select the combination of products and application techniques that are more efficient and secure, ensuring that there will be no use of excess products (not to cause poisoning) and also do not use products in sufficient quantity (which would cause low efficiency in the treatment). The type of treatment varies with the pest in question and the site to be treated. Although the term refers to insects, there are also treatment against arachnids (spiders, scorpions and ticks).

Disinfestation of Pest

It is accomplished through use of chemical baits, rodenticides contact and non-toxic traps when the situation requires it. Chemical baits are known as the most effective method of rodent control in pest control services. The active ingredients are blood anticoagulants, whose antidote is Vitamin K1.

Its toxic effect develops slowly in the organism of animals, so that it dies (on average seven days after ingestion of rodenticide). Other rodents group no longer associate the particular rodent that died, which they use as a guinea pig, resulting in a more complete control.

This feature is critical for the control of the largest rodents: Rattus rattus (black rat or roof) and Rattus norvegicus (rat), which are more cautious, living in organized groups and individuals have guinea pigs to try new foods.

Terminating Termites

A pest control service will usually conduct a technical inspection on site analysis of the species of termite and provide a specific solution for each case. Pest control service will usually make the treatment durable and includes a warranty for you.

In case Cryptotermes brevis (“termite dry wood”) or bits of wood, it is necessary to apply the product inside of the wood attacked to eliminate the problem.

Termites have the habit of attacking through underground galleries. These galleries have a more accelerated biology and they move easily through buildings, requiring treatment throughout the building to provide an efficient and enduring work.

Different types of spray for pest control services.

SPRAY: Method by which small drops of either pesticide emulsion, wet powder, soluble or micro encapsulated concentrated spreads. We have total control of the applied product, thus safeguarding the contact surfaces. This method is the most effective and most used by fumigation companies. We use combinations of wet powder and emulsion for greater effectiveness. The wet powder particles remain adhered to the surfaces and generating residual emulsion that makes greater control for pest elimination.

Thermospray: Unlike cold fogging, generated cloud has a temperature of approximately 60 ° C at the outlet, allowing covering large areas in less time. The heat generated smoke gives a greater penetrating power that is ideal for control of adult flying insects.

Pest Control Worker using a spray

Pest Control Worker Pest Control Service






MIST: Generally electrical equipment is a liquid spray system that releases more fine particles that form a kind of cold cloud, which gives it a greater power of penetration. Ideal for controlling flying insects.

Pest Control Worker using Mist Pest Control Service such as Mist provided Pest Control worker providing pest control service






Disinfestation: It is a process by which control of rats and mice in the facilities or areas is performed. Procedures may vary depending on the type and level of rodent infestation. The process of disinfestation is to know the rodents’ usual behaviour techniques and apply anticoagulants products so that they will consume the rodent poison. The poison however, will not cause them to die right away because that would alert the other rodents. These rodents die after days or weeks in their burrows commonly.

Disinfestation in the processAnticoagulants Products






Gasifcation Control Termites and Others: Technique by which a sealing of the place infested with plague is done, and pills that contain a type of poison gas or eliminating the air causing poisoning or asphyxiation in the pest. We use commonly in addition to disinfestation on rodent burrows or for moths.
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