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Understanding the behaviour of pests to obtain pest control

Pest control singapore aims to help people take control of their pest back at home and if possible, to alienate them. We have found out that pest control in singapore is widely used due to the arising dengue issue. However, pest control singapore is efficient in helping to eliminate pests especially dengue due to the citizens’ corporation in doing the necessary actions in preventing pest breeding.

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The key element in the fight against pests is the understanding of their behaviour. We master the behavioural aspects of rodents and insects in order to gain pest control. This section allows us to share our knowledge of pest control singapore with you, but we invite you to share your experiences.

Understanding the behaviours of rodents

Controlling rats and mice effectively in various urban and rural environments is a growing challenge. In parallel, as part of the integrated approach to pest control singapore, anticoagulants are still considered the best and safest instruments rodent control. The key to their effectiveness in controlling rodents and the preservation of other species is the use of lethal doses of rodenticide to eliminate the greatest number of rats and mice, as soon as possible. Adapting to their natural behaviour, favouring a more rapid absorption, control programs and schemes baiting currently represent the most reliable in the fight against rodents’ rustic solution.

Understanding the behaviour of rats before consulting pest control

To effectively exterminate rats, it is important to understand their behaviour and take into account many specific areas when planning pest control programs:

Regular habits

The rat’s behaviour usual, feeding two or three familiar places maximum located inside and near buildings. Guarantee security for them, they from their burrows access by defined and protected, generally rugged terrain routes.The observation of these behaviours then used to identify the movements of their activity, and thus locate ideal points baiting throughout their journey.

Nocturnal feeding

If their population is not excessively large, these rats will feed almost exclusively at night, and remain well hidden in the day their family galleries.


Used to hostile environments, rats implement survival strategies developing extreme distrust against objects and unfamiliar behaviours, such as human or animal activity, for example. That is why the rats are fleeing the open spaces. Rats are a great mistrust of bait containers and unknown foods: they start to avoid them then consume very small amounts until the safety of the food was well check.

Understanding the behaviour of mice to obtain pest control

Mice are similar to rats in many aspects of their daily behaviour, throughout seasonal and annual. Living in family groups, they feed almost exclusively at night and try to hide and protect themselves. However, they live exclusively indoors. Much bolder than rats, mice do not hesitate to further explore the unknown without trying to be wary of new objects. On the other hand, mice feed so haphazard and sporadic: Every night the mouse will move quickly between foods and they consume only small quantities. This is a favourable behaviour for stored products because of the rodenticides factor. Better yet, use of secure bait container is even more effective against mice whose neophobic reactions show very rare. If this pest control strategy proves effective in acting on neophobia rat, its action is completed on mice by their way of eating: the mice ingesting, like rats, but for different reasons, only very small quantities food point. Here the success of pest control singapore by rodenticides is the ability of the bait to feed the mice, and not in its ability to overcome its distrust, unlike the rat.

Understand the behaviour of cockroaches to make pest control easier.

To date, regardless of the effectiveness of baiting, modern control cockroaches pose increasing challenges to professionals. They can no longer rely on a single treatment to permanently solve the infestation problems on the site such as by using bait gel to achieve and maintain the required level of pest control Singapore.

The basic behaviour of cockroaches

Cockroaches have four basic behaviours: > Reproduction, survival, travel, food. “Food” is the behaviour that is decisive on the other three. When there is a lack of food, survival, reproduction and movement are impossible. This means that the insecticide baits are the best way to use the behaviours of cockroaches to control their population.

Basic needs

Although cockroaches are very adaptable to different conditions, four elements are essential to their survival: > Food, water, warmth, shelter and tranquillity While German cockroaches need high temperatures and they live almost exclusively within, the Eastern cockroaches also adapt to both environments. This means that the infestation is systematically greater if there is poor hygiene, and we can reduce the availability of one of these four elements to lower the chances of infestation. Pest Control Singapore determines to alleviate pests issues all around Singapore by providing users sufficient information through our web about how to stop pests.